Bollard Bench

The bench is designed to provide and recognise care on our everyday streets. It will adapt to both pandemic and post-pandemic scenarios by implementing a flexible solution ---- it can be easily rotated and fixed to be enjoyed under the social distancing rule while allowing for group gathering during an ordinary situation.

The bench is fixed on the Bell Bollards, which can be spotted across London’s streets. These bollards of unique shape were designed in the mid-80s and incorporated onto the streets of London to effectively protect pedestrians and street furniture from heavy traffic. Their bell-shaped form and prominent presence on the streets sometimes evoke an uncanny feeling of the passers-by, but people rarely pay attention to them. Benches, street lamps, bollards and bins ---- similar ‘care’ and ‘protection’ are provided by the street furniture in our cities every day. By re-using these bollards in the design, the bench aims to celebrate the ‘care’ on the streets. The bench panel is made of 8mm steel, cut and folded with its corners rounded for safety and comfort considerations.

It will be painted red in response to the colour of the street furniture, including bollards, mailboxes, lights and bus shelters, in the City of London. The base will be the furnitube Bell Bollard product, ideally recycled. The selection of material is easy-maintenance, cost-effective and long-lasting while responding to Cheapside’s streets and history.