Network Rail connects people and places. When travelling from one place to another, people bring the most essential and precious objects in their suitcases. Travelling in history, Network Rail also takes its suitcase, carrying the treasured historic elements while adding innovative ideas.

The concept of this design is ‘Suitcases’. It is inviting passengers, visitors, staff and the public to peep into what is Network Rail carrying into the future with its latest Design Manuals.

The design is actively responding to the brief and the particular condition of the concourse. These standardised mobile structures are easy to produce, assemble, maintain, and transport. With the exhibits enclosed in the ‘suitcases’, potential damages are minimized. It is easy to update the exhibition content by replacing the inner board, while the lighting and multi-media devices will be powered by portable power banks that can be recharged without opening the ‘Suitcases’. High strength translucent Acrylic panel will be applied as the envelope of ’Suitcases’ —- not only to communicate the transparency of the Network Rail but also to drive the curiosity of the visitors. Braked rubber Castors are used to improve the flexibility of installation without compromising the health and safety consideration. These devices are also adaptable with numerous future possibilities, such as community bookshelves, planters and kiosks.